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Experts you can rely on

We are a start up with 70 years’ experience in reinsurance employing highly experienced and skilled professionals. Innovating and developing a new franchise is the primary challenge that motivates us.

We provide our clients with high quality and cost effective service based on CCR Group infrastructure and expertise. We propose new reinsurance solutions relying on our dedicated governance and driven by our risk appetite.

We grant specific attention to selected business lines while bringing value to all our clients internationally. Our goal is not to underwrite here and there but to build deep and long-term business relationships with our clients.

We are committed to working very closely with you through a service-oriented partnership. We listen to you. We understand your constraints. We give firm and quick answers to your requests. We help you by providing tailor-made solutions. And we do it in a timely manner.

We are the experts you can rely on.


Members of CCR Re's board


Pierre Blayau, Bertrand Labilloy, Patrick Cerceau, John Conan, Antoine Mantel, Charles Lévi.



Managing team


Bertrand LABILLOY, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Laurent MONTADOR, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Patrick DELALLEAU, Chief Underwriting Officer Global

Hervé NESSI, Chief Underwriting Officer Markets