Public funds - CCR

CCR is responsible for the accounting and financial management of public funds on behalf of the State


National Guaranty Fund for Agricultural Disasters (Fonds National de Gestion des Risques en Agriculture - FNGRA)

Established by French law no. 2010-874 dated 7/27/2010, in replacement of the FNGCA also managed by CCR since its establishment by French law no. 64-706 dated 7/10/1964, the aim of this fund is to:

  • Contribute to the financial compensation of economic losses ensuing from an animal or plant disease outbreak or any environmental incident by means of the mutual-backed funds approved by the administrative authority.
  • Finance aid programs dedicated to the development of insurance against damages caused to agricultural holdings.
  • Provide compensation to agricultural holdings for material damages arising from agricultural calamities. These calamities comprise uninsurable damages of exceptional severity caused by variations of extraordinary intensity in a natural weather phenomenon that may not be prevented or resolved by normal measures.
  • Insurable damages include damages caused to standing or stored crops, to cultivations, to farmland, to livestock excluding buildings used in farming operations.


Compensation Fund for Construction Insurance Risks (Fonds de compensation des risques de l’assurance de la construction - FCAC)

Established by French law no. 82-540 dated 6/28/1982, this fund:

  • In accordance with the purpose of its establishment, enables the transition from a management approach using partially-distributed insurance to cover decennial liability construction to a fund management approach that provides compensation for losses affecting buildings on which construction began prior to January 1, 1983 via agreements entered into with construction insurers.
  • The fund also helps finance measures to prevent anomalies and works to increase the quality of construction.


Guarantee Fund for Risks Linked to Spreading of Urban or Industrial Wastewater Sludge (Fonds de garantie des risques liés à l’épandage agricole des boues d’épuration urbaines ou industrielles - FGRE)

Established by French law no. 2006-1772 dated 12/30/2006, this fund::

  • Provides compensation for damages sustained by farmers and farm and forest land owners in the event that their land has been subject to urban or industrial wastewater sludge, and has become totally or partially unfit for farming due to a sanitation risk or the occurrence of ecologic damage relating to the spreading of wastewater sludge and that this risk or damage could not have been detected at the time of the leakage and to the extent that this risk or damage is not covered by the insurance policy of the person or persons having created the sludge.


Fund for losses arising from preventive, diagnostic and healthcare services provided by private healthcare professionals (Fonds de garantie des dommages consécutifs à des Actes de Prévention, de Diagnostic ou de Soins dispensés par des professionnels de santé exerçant à titre libéral - FAPDS)

Established by French law no. 2011-1977 dated 12/28/2011, this fund:

  • Provides full or partial payment of compensation for damages sustained by victims and ensuing from prevention, diagnostic or healthcare actions giving rise to the liability of a healthcare professional exercising his or her activity as a liberal professional and stipulated in article L.1142-1 of the French public health code, in two cases:

► Exhaustion of coverage, in the event that compensation exceeds the minimum amount of the ceiling of coverage stipulated in the professional healthcare insurance policy as set by decree no. 2011-2030 dated December 29, 2011 (i.e. € 8 million per loss and € 15 million per year of insurance coverage) or in the event that it exceeds the ceiling of coverage stipulated in the insurance policy;

► Expiry of the date of insurance coverage stipulated in article L251-2 of the French insurance code, for the whole of compensation due.

The Guarantee Fund for travel and tourism operators (FGOVS)

The fund which was created in line with law n°2021-1900, dated 30th December 2021, of the 2022 Finance Act has a capacity of 1.5 billion euros and is designed to:

► Secure and stabilise the financial guarantee market for travel and tourism operators

► Enable guarantors to renew their commitments to travel and tourism thanks to the support provided by the fund

In line with the Tourism Code, travel and tourism operators are obliged to take out a financial guarantee with a private insurer or a financial guarantee body in order to carry out their activity.

In order to benefit from the fund’s guarantee, the guarantors must sign agreements with the fund for a period ending on 31st December 2023 at the latest.

The Guarantee Fund for electricity and gas contracts (FGCEG)

The fund which was created in line with law n°2022-1726, dated 30th December 2022, of the 2023 Finance Act has a capacity of 2 billion euros and is designed to:

► Enable companies that are major gas or electricity consumers to ask banks, insurance companies or finance companies for collateral partially covered by the French State for their energy supply contracts, replacing the collateral required by energy suppliers

► Contribute to reducing company liquidity issues by creating the conditions for the development of a collateral market by replacing the collateral required by suppliers when signing or renewing electricity and gas supply contracts

This public guarantee is open to all sectors of activity.

Companies benefiting from this collateral guaranteed by the fund will no longer be subject to requests for additional collateral from their electricity or gas supplier.

To benefit from the fund’s guarantee, banks, insurance companies and finance companies  will have to sign agreements with the fund before 31st December 2023 for a period ending no later than 31st December 2024.

The list of institutions that have signed an implementation agreement with CCR (Caisse Centrale de Réassurance), which represents the fund, will be published on the website along with regular updates.

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