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Terrorist attacks and acts of terrorism

For property damage resulting from terrorist attacks and acts of terrorism, CCR provides State-guaranteed unlimited reinsurance coverage.


France is one of the countries offering the most extensive forms of property coverage against acts of terrorism.

Since 1986, the date on which specific legislation came into effect, property coverage against attacks and acts of terrorism has been compulsory for all property insurance policies This coverage applies mainly to property damages resulting from terrorist attacks and acts of terrorism occurring on French soil. Bodily damage is covered by the Guaranty Fund for the Victims of Terrorism and other Offenses (Fond de Garantie des Victimes des Actes de Terrorismes et d’autres Infractions - FGTI)

In 2002, the market took measures to put into place coverage solutions adapted to its needs. CCR played an essential role in this endeavor.

Small and medium risk cover

Small and medium risks are risks for which the sum insured is less than € 20 million. No market agreement cover for these risks has been entered into. Insurers are free to cede or retain their risks.

CCR's offer:

Since 1 January 2006, CCR has offered insurance companies unlimited State-guaranteed cover for small and medium risks falling within the scope of the compulsory cover.

This cover is taken out:

  • either individually by each company upon request,
  • or, since January 1, 2013, by a specific group of companies [entities belonging to a single group, SGAM (a mutual insurance group company), pool, etc.]. In the latter case, the group of companies acts jointly as the “cedent” under the treaty. An authorized representative of the insurance companies concerned (for example GAREAT) handles all dealings with CCR on behalf of the cedent including treaty performance.

Large risk cover

Large risks are defined as those risks for which the insured sum is € 20 million or more.

GAREAT "Large Risks" protects its members by providing a pooled annual excess of loss reinsurance scheme to the market, the limits of which are set at € 2,480 billion for 2016. This amount increases by € 60 million per year until 2017.

CCR's offer

  1. CCR supplements this scheme by providing GAREAT "Large Risks" with unlimited State-guaranteed cover above this limit. This cover only concerns risks falling within the scope of the compulsory cover in compliance with article L-126 2 of the French insurance code.
  2. CCR may participate in such schemes, within the framework of its open market reinsurance business.


Focus on GAREAT

Created in January 2002, following the attacks of September 11, 2001, GAREAT (Management of the Insurance and Reinsurance of Risks of Terrorist Attacks and Acts of Terrorism) is a French Economic Interest Grouping (GIE). The purpose of the GIE is to cover terrorism property risks.

It is comprised of insurers who are obligated to join GAREAT for risks for which the insured sum is € 20 million or more.



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