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CCR and Météo France combine their climate event expertise

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On the occasion of the 2019 National Assembly on Natural Risks, CCR and Météo France renewed their partnership aimed at modeling extreme climate events and their impact on insured property. The partnership, which resulted in the joint publication of several documents including a white paper on the financial consequences of climate change on flood, drought and marine submersion risks by 2050, was prolonged for a six-year period.

For CCR, access to Météo France's expertise and data is a precious asset. It enables the Company to develop highly realistic models that combine Météo France's in-depth knowledge of weather events with CCR's natural disaster modeling expertise and knowledge of insured property and business activities. In pursuing its partnership with Météo France, CCR will be given the opportunity to further enhance its capacity to provide real-time estimates of damage arising from climate events and assess crop damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

Research efforts also aim to provide public authorities and risk management actors with indicators that may be used to improve the efficiency of French Natural Disaster prevention and compensation measures.

"The research that we perform in conjunction with Météo France has already enabled us to determine that the cost of insured damages will increase by over 50% between now and 2050. By furthering these efforts, we will be able to more accurately understand the exposure of the French territories to natural risks and select the prevention measures that can best protect the populations."

Bertrand Labilloy, Chief Executive Officer of CCR

"Developing an effective prevention system requires that we integrate the vulnerability of the territories and of the populations with ever-increasing detail while basing our work on actual observed impacts of climate risks. The efforts we have undertaken in cooperation with CCR contribute to the enhancement of an evolutive system that meets our needs as accurately as possible."

Jean-Marc Lacave, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Météo France

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