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CCR publishes detailed model of the floods of May-June 2016 - Press release

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Intense rainfall affected the northern half of France between May 25 and June 5, 2016 causing several watercourses to burst their banks, particularly in the Loire and Seine basins. This may well be the most costly Nat Cat loss since the creation of the compensation scheme in 1982.


CCR's models of these events and the information gathered in the field indicate that the total estimated amount of insured losses should fall within the central range of € [900 million – 1.4 billion], as communicated by the French Insurance Association (Association Française de l’Assurance - AFA). CCR is expected to pay at least half of this cost.

The study published today by CCR addresses the uncertainties that persist concerning the assessment of this amount – and which may lead to a possible adjustment – notably when consideration is given to damages to basements and sub-levels as well as to business interruption losses affecting industries and commerce. The study also details the characteristics of the entirety of the natural events as well as the nature of the losses that the events have incurred.

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Estimation at June 7 of the cost of the events of May-June 2016 resulting from the CCR simulation



Modeled cost (€m)

Flooding of the Seine and Loire basins

May 30 to June 4

700 – [800 – 1265] – 1665 (*)

Rainstorms (North, Lorraine, West, Yonne, Normandy, Centre)

May 25 to June 1

[100 – 135]

Total cost

May 25 to June 4

800 – [900 – 1400] – 1800 (*)


(*) The central interval corresponds to [25%-75%] quantiles and the widest interval corresponds to [10%-90%] quantiles.

Since 1982, France enjoys the benefit of a system for the compensation of losses caused by natural disasters (flooding, earthquakes, subsidence or landslides, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, marine submersions...). The mechanism, called the Nat Cat scheme, enables all insureds – homeowners, businesses, local and regional authorities – to benefit from affordable coverage against these risks irrespective of the level of exposure. The scheme also guarantees, thanks to the concerted action of insurers and CCR, quick and certain compensation for the losses incurred regardless of their scale.

A major player at the center of the compensation scheme, CCR has developed models to simulate a variety of natural perils, including flooding, which attests to its role as the industry expert when it comes to the knowledge of these risks. These models enable the company, above all, to measure the value of insured damages in the days following a disaster, but also enable it to assess the vulnerability of the territories before an event thereby helping to implement preventive measures.

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