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ESG-Geen Report CCR 2018

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Increasing the proportion of assets in the portfolio covered by ESG-Climate analysis should over time make it possible to improve the SRI approach as more complete and relevant indicators become available for the assets that are currently less well covered, in particular bond assets. All our dedicated bond funds will gradually incorporate an ESG-Climate dimension in their investment processes.

Development of the investment team’s skills in ESG-Climate matters will continue in order to support the development of the ESG dimension in the operational management of portfolios.

Targeted thematic investments associated with ESG-Climate issues (impact investing, green bonds, etc.) will be extended as market opportunities arise and in accordance with the CCR Group’s own areas of development.

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ESG-Geen Report CCR 2018

Ce rapport, mentionne les modalités de prise en compte des critères relatifs au respect d’objectifs sociaux, environnementaux et de qualité de gouvernance dans la politique d’investissement, et les moyens mis en oeuvre pour contribuer à la transition énergétique et écologique.

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