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CCR - 2023 Activity Report

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In 2023, CCR faced a year of contrasts amid exceptional claims, especially in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region.

The sale of a majority stake in CCR Re in July 2023 led to the appointment of new leadership for CCR. The company served the public interest by informing the government about the shrinkage and swelling of clay soils, the insurability of climate risks and the insurability of local authorities

Key Essential Information:

  • A context of exceptionally high incidence of claims, especially in the Hauts-de-France region,
  • A new leadership team under the direction of Édouard Vieillefond, General Manager, and Chrystelle Busque, Deputy General Manager,
  • Two strategic pillars: to reinsure and advise in order to meet the challenges of climate change,
  • A team committed to a new dynamic.


Our President, Jacques Le Pape, emphasizes the importance of preserving the #naturaldisasters regime, a cornerstone for over 40 years in the French insurance landscape: "The natural catastrophe scheme, which is over 40 years old, only works well if the rule of building up reserves in ordinary years to compensate for claims in extraordinary years, is respected."

Our CEO, Édouard Vieillefond, shares his ambition to strengthen the expertise of CCR: "We have updated our 'Horizon 2025' strategy (...) to reinforce certain priorities and further enhance our expertise. We have chosen to accelerate in consulting and to strengthen this area where we can contribute significantly. We intend to build a stronger center of expertise."


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2023 Activity Report

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