Investissement Responsable - CCR

CCR, a responsible investor

CCR integrates sustainability issues into its asset management. The SRI charter thus defines its strategy and its responsible investment policy. This charter is based on three pillars: prevention of transition risk, adaptation to physical risks and support for societal transition. Through this charter, CCR has chosen to strengthen the management of risks (transition, physical and ESG) by integrating them into its investment policy and by measuring their impact on portfolios. On the other hand, to contribute to the financing of initiatives accompanying the environmental and societal transition. Furthermore, through these different pillars, CCR contributes to the progressive achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
This report mentions the way in which criteria relating to compliance with social, environmental and governance quality objectives are taken into account in the investment policy (so-called 29LEC report).

NB: This report pertains to both CCR and CCR Re, as it was designed before the separation of the two entities.

Press release :

In 2021, CCR joined the 365 French signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (#PRI) defined and supported by the UN.

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