Launched in 2015, the purpose of the reward a doctoral thesis in the area of knowledge of natural disaster risks as well as the application of such knowledge to insurance and to risk prevention.

2024 CCR Cat Nat Award

To be eligible, applicants must have defended a thesis between July 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2023.


The submission period for applications has now ended. The award is to be presented at the 15th annual Journée CCR CAT in June 2024. On this occasion, the award recipient will present his or her thesis and receive a cash prize of 5,000 euros. The winning thesis will then be made available on the CCR corporate website.

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With this initiative, CCR seeks to encourage and support a doctoral thesis in this area that constitutes innovative, detailed and original research. The thesis must enable a profound comprehension of the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of the topic.

Open to applicants from all European countries, the CCR Outstanding Thesis Award is given in recognition of a winner chosen by a jury composed of university academics, research and insurance sector experts and CCR representatives.

Previous years

  • 2023 award recipient: "Taking coastal risks into account in the land and property markets of the French metropolitan coastline: the ambivalence of the sea and attempts at public regulation of the 'desire for the shore' at the dawn of climate change" Eugénie Cazaux and "Cartographic optimisation for crisis and major risk management: the case of rapid mapping of post-disaster damageThomas Candela.
  • 2022 award recipient: "Understanding and modeling extreme events with multiple natural hazards" Aloïs TILLOY
  • 2021 award recipient: "Rethinking the evacuation of a coastal population in an urban environment in a multi-hazard context: the STEP model" Odile PLATTARD
  • 2020 award recipient: "Dynamics of Plinian eruptions: re-evaluation of the volcanic hazard in Martinique" Audrey MICHAUD-DUBUY
  • 2019 award recipient: "Coping or living with disasters? Adaptive capacities and capabilities in individual and territorial resilience trajectories within the Caribbean space" Fanny BENITEZ
  • 2018 award recipient: "Prospective study of the social impacts of a major flood in the Ile-de-France region. Socio-spatial disparities in the care of Ile-de-France populations in crisis and post-crisis situations: a mapped and quantified analysis of household needs, from evacuation to reconstruction" Kenji FUJIKI
  • 2017 award recipient: "Multi-dimensional modeling of seismic wave propagation in linear and non-linear media" Elif ORAL
  • 2016 award recipient: "The marine submersions: New stakes, new legal practices" Vanessa MULOT
  • 2015 award recipient: "Analysis of damages related to marine submersions and evaluation of induced costs to homes from insurance data" Camille ANDRE