Board of directors


The board of directors sets CCR’s strategic orientations and ensures their implementation.

By decree of the President of the Republic, Bertrand Labilloy, Chief Executive Officer of CCR since 2015, was reappointed on the 17th of August 2020 for a five year term.

The Board of Directors of CCR, convened on the 4th of May 2021 to appoint Mr. Jacques Le Pape, President of the Board of Directors of CCR, upon the proposal of the Government, in order to replace Mr. Pierre Blayau, whose term of office was coming to an end.

As the terms of office of all the directors were expiring on the 30th of June 2020, the term of the Board of Directors of CCR was renewed accordingly with the provisions of the order of the 20th of August 2014 related to the governance of companies with State participation.
The Board of Directors is now composed of 15 directors, including 1 representative of the government, 9 directors appointed by the general meeting of shareholders, including 3 nominiated by the government, and 5 employee representatives.

The Board of Directors set three committees: the Audit, Accounts and Risk Committee, the Compensation, Appointments and Governance Committee finally the Strategy Committee. 


Jacques Le Pape, Arnaud Bailleul, Antoine Mantel, Bruno Cinotti, Christel Sadler, Damien Andriès, David MoncoulonLaurence Barry, Marie-Rose Martinez, Nathalie Broutèle, Martin LandaisPierre Chavy, Patrice Forget, Sophie Masset, Véronique Lehideux

Executive commitee

The CCR Executive commitee, made of fifteen permanent members, is responsible for business operations within corporate strategy framework.

Bertrand LABILLOY,
Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chrystelle BUSQUE,
Chief Operations Officer
Deputy Head of Public Reinsurance and Guaranty Funds
Vincent GROS,
General Counsel and Compliance Officer
Chief Risk and Actuary Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Information Officer
Hervé NESSI,
Chief Underwriting Officer
Antoine QUANTIN,
Chief Underwriting Officer, Public Reinsurance and Guaranty Funds
Deputy Investment Director, Head of Real Estate, Infrastructures and ESG Investments
Isabelle BION,
Chief Operations Officer
Sébastien JALLET,
Chief Investment Officer

Sylvie CHANH,
Head of Legal, Claims & Services
Mathieu HALM
Head of Retrocession & Alternative Capital