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CCR Group Executive Management - CCR (CCR)

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Gouvernance Chapeau

Setting and implementing strategic orientations

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Corps Gouvernance

Board of directors


The board of directors sets CCR’s strategic orientations and ensures their implementation.

Mr. Pierre Blayau was appointed Chairman of the board of directors by decree of the President of France on January 14, 2015 and Mr. Bertrand Labilloy was appointed Chief Executive Officer by the board of directors on January 16, 2015.

As the terms of office of all the directors terminated on June 30, 2015, the CCR board of directors decided to implement, beginning July 1, 2015, the provisions under the ordinance dated August 20, 2014 relating to the governance of French associated companies. Accordingly, the board of directors is now comprised of 15 directors to include 1 representative of the State, 9 directors appointed by the shareholder’s general meeting (of which 3 proposed by the State) and 5 employee representatives.

Mr. Pierre Blayau was appointed Chairman of the board of directors in its meeting held on July 2, 2015 and Mr. Bertrand Labilloy was appointed Chief Executive Officer by decree of the President of France on August 17, 2015 upon the recommendation of the board of directors.

Furthermore, the board of directors now comprises four committees from amongst its members: the accounts committee, the audit and risks committee, the remuneration, appointment and governance committee and the strategic committee. These committees prepare the work of the board relating to topics submitted for their examination and report their conclusions to the board.


Pierre Blayau, Damien Andriès, Laurence Barry, Nathalie Broutele, Pierre Chavy, Bruno Cinotti, François Desmadryl, Sophie Masset, Christel Sadler, Patrice Forget, Lionel Corre, Antoine Mantel, David Moncoulon, Laure Tourjansky, Elsa Rothschild-Garnier, Arnaud Bailleul

Executive commitee

The CCR Executive commitee, comprised of thirteen permanent members, is responsible for the operational and organizational decision-making required by the implementation of corporate strategy. Working within this framework, it ensures that corporate objectives are effectively communicated to operational management.

Bertrand LABILLOY,
Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chrystelle BUSQUE,
Chief Financial Officer
Deputy Director of Insurance and Public Funds
Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer
Vincent GROS,
General secretariat
Chief Risk Officer
Head of Human Ressources
Director of Information Systems
Hervé NESSI,
Deputy Chief Underwriting Officer
Antoine QUANTIN,
Director of Reinsurance and Public Funds
Head of Real Estate
Isabelle BION,
Chief Operating Officer
Sébastien JALLET,
Chief Investment Officer