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Public Reinsurance and Guaranty Funds

As a public reinsurer, CCR is mandated to operate in the public interest. As such, CCR provides insurers operating in France with coverage of exceptional risks.

Wholly-owned by the French State, the Company conducts, for certain activities, missions essential to the public authorities.

State-guaranteed Reinsurance activities cover:
•    The reinsurance of natural disaster risks under the compensation scheme,
•    The reinsurance of attacks and terrorist acts,
•    The reinsurance of exceptional risks linked to a shipment.

CCR is responsible for the accounting and financial management of public funds on behalf of the State

CCR provides:
•    long-term reinsurance solutions, e.g. coverage against natural catastrophes,
•    short-term reinsurance solutions whenever required, e.g. public-sector provision of credit reinsurance during the 2008 financial crisis.


Journées CCR Cat

Journée CCR CAT is one of the most important annual meetings of the French insurance market.