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Prix CCR Cat Nat


Chapeau Prix CCR CAT

Launched in 2015, the purpose of the reward a doctoral thesis in the area of knowledge of natural disaster risks as well as the application of such knowledge to insurance and to risk prevention.

Corps prix cat nat 2018

For this fourthedition, the award was presented at the time of the 9th edition of Journée CCR CAT held on June 5 ,2018, at Eurosites Geoges V in Paris. The award was attributed to Kenji FujikiL for his thesis "Etude prospective des impacts sociaux d’une inondation majeure en région Ile-de-France.Disparités socio-spatiales dans la prise en charge des populations franciliennes en situation de crise et post-crise : une analyse cartographiée et quantifiée des besoins des ménages, de l’évacuation à la reconstruction."



The Prix CCR Cat Nat was created to encourage research into natural disasters and the application of this research to the insurance industry and the prevention of risks.

The purpose of the award is to reward a doctoral thesis in this area that constitutes innovative, detailed and original research and provides insight on the theoretical aspects and practical issues associated with the thesis topic.

The Prix CCR Cat Nat is open in the European area and is given in recognition of a winner chosen by a jury composed of university academics, research and insurance sector experts and CCR representatives.

Applicants to the award defended a thesis between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.


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